Referral marketing program pays referral partners lifetime passive income
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Referral marketing program pays referral
partners lifetime passive income

To demonstrate how our referral partner program works, 2 simple examples show how sales consultants and internet marketers automatically earn lifetime passive income by referring subscribers to our online business directory and restaurant guide.

Offline referral partner example (sales consultants)

Maria is a sales consultant who registers as an affiliate referral partner of Business-Broadcaster and is assigned a unique referral link. Maria visits Aldo's Italian restaurant and demonstrates to Aldo how he can get plenty of restaurant customers from the internet.

Aldo is impressed with Maria's proposal and subscribes for a restaurant listing on a printed version of the subscription form. Maria then uploads Aldo's information onto a simple online form, which makes Aldo her customer for life. As referral partners, sales consultants can also refer customers online via their referral link.

Online referral marketing example

Alan is an internet marketer and registers as a Business-Broadcaster affiliate referral partner. He places his unique referral partner link on his website with the following text how to get plenty of customers from the internet.

Roger is searching the internet to find ways of getting more customers for his printing business and clicks on Alan's referral link. Alan's unique referral link attaches itself as a cookie to the hard-drive of Roger's computer. Roger has a brief look around the site, but gets distracted.

Two months later, business slackens and Roger recalls how Business-Broadcaster can solve his problem. He goes directly to Business-Broadcaster and subscribes for a business listing online. Alan is still credited with that sale as the cookie "remembers" that Alan referred Roger.

Had Roger visited Business-Broadcaster from his computer via another affiliate partners' referral link, Alan still gets credited for that sale as the cookie expires 90 days after the last time Roger visited Business-Broadcaster with Alan's affiliate referral link. After a customer subscribes, they remain the customer of the referring affiliate partner for life.

Our referral partner program pays 25% commission on each business or restaurant that you refer, plus 25% commission every year your customer renews their listing for the rest of your life.

You are also paid 10% commission on all the referral sales of other referral partners you refer. Referral partners achieving certain targets also receive performance bonuses.

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