How to spark a word of mouth viral marketing buzz recommending your restaurant
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How to spark a word of mouth viral marketing buzz
recommending your restaurant

You can easily get many new customers regularly wining and dining in your restaurant, especially in your slack periods, by subtly enticing customers to recommend your restaurant to their friends.

How often have you dined at a restaurant or seen a movie because of a friend's recommendation? Word of mouth advertising beats all other forms of advertising, hands down, as it carries credibility from a trusted source (a friend) that is not being paid to endorse your restaurant.

People are creatures of habit and eat out at the same restaurants, over and over again, unless there is a compelling reason or an incentive for them to be adventurous.

Tempting bait to entice customers into recommending your restaurant to their friends is by offering restaurant discount vouchers online.

People are naturally attracted to discounts like bees to a honey pot and love bragging to their friends about how much money they saved.

Customers coming to a restaurant with a restaurant discount voucher will also order drinks and other dishes that are not discounted. Isnít that the real reason why supermarkets and clothing chains spend their entire advertising budgets offering discounts?

Business-Broadcaster has a unique facility that enables you to easily create and offer your own restaurant vouchers online. This is a bonus facility exclusive to Corporate and Platinum subscribers as part of your restaurant listing package >>

A good time to offer restaurants discount vouchers is on days when you are usually quiet or at times of the day when you are slack or any other time to entice new customers to experience dining out at your restaurant.

Benefits you receive from offering restaurant discount vouchers online:-

  • There are no printing or distribution costs. 

  • You save weeks and months of frustration being at the mercy of third parties. Instead you get your word of mouth viral marketing buzz recommending your restaurant off the ground immediately.

  • You can stop and start your restaurant discount vouchers whenever it suits you, with the click of a mouse button.

  • Each restaurant voucher has a unique reference number and is delivered instantly to your customer's e-mail box and a copy to you.

  • You acquire a valuable database of new customers, who will wine and dine in your restaurant again and again, long after your discount offer has expired.

  • With a constant flow of new customers, your bottom line profits will increase.

  • You can turbo-charge your word of mouth viral marketing buzz to acquire even more cutomers by linking directly from your website to your restaurant voucher page.

  • No more empty dining tables. You can fill these tables whenever you wish.

  • Simple non-technical tools are provided for you to easily create your own restaurant vouchers, competitions and other marketing promotions online, as often as you wish, at no extra cost. Visit the restaurant voucher engine and test it for yourself.

In addition to the many customers you get from your word of mouth viral marketing buzz offering restaurant discount vouchers, see how your restaurant listing in our restaurant guide can get you plenty of other restaurant customers from the internet >>

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